Life in Egypt was born from the Nile River, The Nile is the soul of the Egyptian land. The pharonic civilization was the result  of the special nature of the ancient Egyptians and their
brilliant  interaction with the Nile  river. As the Greek philosopher Herodotus described it Egypt   is infact  “the gift of the Nile “ .
The popular image about Egypt was shaped by great pyramids and rich golden treasures of Tutankhamen among other wealth of temples, Tombs and monuments.
 The translation of the Rosetta stone in 1822 and the birth of Egyptology developed the public interest in the spectacular discoveries, scholarly and  writings about ancient Egypt.
This great river seen and rich history has overshadow the true nature of the country, From a bird eye view The Nile valley is  a small oasis inside Egypt and  the only exception in North Africa.
In both directions east and west the desert surrounds the Nile . During modern ages the deserts in Egypt remained isolated and different, yet its part of the country,  More than 90 % of the country area is desert and more than 90 % of the population lives in the remaining area. These deserts were neglected compared with the fertile Nile valley and delta, Today The Egyptian people have a great bond with the land and a great passion for the Nile, being settled here for thousands of years, They never looked towards the desert except for week connections with the oasis and a few of them believe the desert is the home for spirits and jinn.

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