Egypt location at the meeting point between the Mediterranean, Africa and Asia played the major role in its history. Its strategic location may explain why World War 2 came to the western desert of Egypt and why it was a target for all rising powers across history.

In the north eastern corner of Africa, Egypt area is one million km² (1/30 of Africa) in almost a square shape, its recent border is almost as it was along the history. To the north of Egypt lays the Medtrenian Sea, Libya and Sudan border the country from west and south connecting the country to the Sahara and central Africa .The red sea, Gaza and Israel from the east connecting Egypt to Asia.

The Nile River originating in the great lakes of Uganda via the White Nile, and in the high mountains of Ethiopia via the Blue Nile cuts along the length of the country, to the north of Cairo the Nile splits into several tributaries to form the delta the most fertile area in the country.

Between the red sea and the Nile, the eastern (Arabian) desert acupay 225000 km² it is slightly less than quarter Egypt, it’s dominated by high mountains that rises more than 2000 m and extends for about 800 km southwards. The upraised landscape and humid atmosphere facilated seasonal activities in its large number of wadies .

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

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2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

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Egyptian revolution memorial


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