17 Days

Cairo – Fayoum – Valley of the Whales – Bahariya Oasis – White Desert – Dakhla Oasis – Mud Lions – Wadi Bakht – Eight Bells - Magharet El kantara

Prince Monument – Clayton Craters – Jebel Uweinat (karkur Talh – Belgium Site) – Wadi Sura (Swimmers Cave – Mestikawi-Foggini Cave) – Aqaba Pass – Wadi Assib – Gilf Plateaux – Lama Monument – Wadi Hamra – Silica Glass Area – Clayton Camp – Great Sand Sea – Petrified Forest - birr wahed – Siwa Oasis – Marsa Matruh – Alamin - Cairo

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On this 3000 km route we travel through one of the most remote desert parts of the world enjoying the variety of landscape formations, plus the astonishing prehistory rock art drawings. The landscape diverse between limestone bizarre formations, sand stone, sand dunes, volcanic craters, sand plains, depressions, plateaux, cliffs, mountains, all beautifully shaped by the strong dry desert wind, Some formations are unique of its kind as in the white desert, a desert without any similarity any where in the world! The inhabited part of this expedition includes Fayoum, Bahariya, Dakhla, and Siwa. In Fayoum we can wonder about the traces of an ancient sea and the remaining of the 40 million year old whale’s skeletons, while in Siwa we can observe a strong North African community still preserving its own ancient culture.

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

Rock Art discovery in Uweinat Mountain (March2007 expedition)

Sunday times article (May 2006 expedition)

UPDATE : February   2013

2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

latest Galleries (Jan 2012 gallery)


Neil Griffiths
Egyptian revolution memorial


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