Most of the people think immediately about scorpions and snakes when it gets to desert travel danger and risks, however this is not the case in field at all. Actually the sun and sunburn are what to be taken seriously specially in an extreme environment like the desert.

It’s very important to avoid sunburn by keeping in mind few precautions like:
  • always cover up with clothes and wear a hat.
  • wear a sun glasses.
  • the sun gets its fiercest between 11 am and 3 pm so be careful and don’t walk bare footed during that time.
  • sunscreens need to be applied 20 to 30 minutes before going into the sun.
  • keep your water bottle with you specially during walks.
  • for all tanning lovers , the desert is not suitable for that ,we would be happy to arrange a visit to sharm el sheikh for you after the trip.
About scorpions:
Most scorpion stings are just painful, they are nocturnal creatures and it’s unlikely to see them, however few precautions are:
  • Always check your shoes before putting them on.
  • Take care when lifting or moving rocks.

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