The south west of Egypt is one of the least explored areas in the world due to its aridity and remoteness. Our knowledge of it is surprisely new, before 1923 the map was blanked to the west of the oasis, and explorers were risking their life just to visit.

Until recently the desert remained closed, only few daring explorers could venture into the unknown. Still today visiting needs professional preparation and planning.

It requires covering huge distances of difficult desert terrain and consumes around two weeks, huge amounts of water, food, diesel, and equipment must be prepared carefully to run the trip safely.

Exploration is even more demanding, all the earlier efforts must be traced, information scattered through hundreds of articles and books must be collected, and scientific approach must be considered.

To compromise we plan our iternary considering visiting the most important sites and plan suitable time for exploring on foot as most finds were made on foot around camp or on special trekking trips.

Our expeditions are designed for any one interested in the desert in general, tourist or expert, searching for the beauty of nature or for scientific finds it’s a life time experience for every one and for some people it changed their life for ever.

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

Rock Art discovery in Uweinat Mountain (March2007 expedition)

Sunday times article (May 2006 expedition)

UPDATE : February   2013

2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

latest Galleries (Jan 2012 gallery)


Neil Griffiths
Egyptian revolution memorial


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