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Cairo- Fayoum- Valley of Whales – Bahariya – White Desert – Dakhla – Mud Lions – Central Gilf Kebir – Bagnold Stone Circle – Wadi Assib – Aqaba Pass – Wadi Sura ( swimmers cave – Mestikawi-Foggini Cave ) – Plateaux Top –Lama Monument - Wadi Hamra – Exploration Area – Silica Glass Area – Clayton Camp – Great Sand Sea – Petrified Forest – Birr Wahed – Siwa Oasis – Marsa Matruh – AL Alamein – Cairo.

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Zerzura oasis was thought to be located in northern Gilf Kebir; some pioneer explorers like Almasy had been looking for it, while some travellers like to believe it is located in the desert wherever there is a unique feeling of peace and tranquillity which make the traveller remember these places as a “zerzura “or a far to reach lost paradise.

We will travel to Northern Gilf Kebir valleys “the suspected location of Zerzura oasis “with an objective to explore on foot the valley system located East of Wadi Abd el Malik & North of Wadi Hamra. Looking for prehistory traces especially any undiscovered rock art sites. Checking the flora & fauna conditions in this area since we believe that Gilf Kebir has been getting more rain in the last decade compared with the nineties period. Knowing that most of these valleys are not accessible for cars we hope to find traces of the almost distinct waddan or Barbary sheep.

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

Rock Art discovery in Uweinat Mountain (March2007 expedition)

Sunday times article (May 2006 expedition)

UPDATE : February   2013

2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

latest Galleries (Jan 2012 gallery)


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