Introducing a documentary movie about gilf kebir

Tribe Expeditions produced a short Arabic documentary movie subtitled in English using the camera material captured in 2006 expedition by Hanz George dorflinger.

The film was directed by Ayman Hussein, an Egyptian film maker working in Semat production and Distribution Company.

The objective from making this movie was to raise the public awareness about an important part of the desert and Egypt.

After the chocking accident of September 2008, it was clear that the local media and public opinion in Egypt has no clue whereabouts gilf kebir is or why it’s worth to be visited.

It’s expected that introducing such a documentary and sharing knowledge in general about the unknown desert destinations may be a positive step which leads to more attention from Egyptian writers, photographers, environmental organizations and the local media, hopefully also leads to proper governmental care for this far away part of the desert in the future.

To view the movie click here


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Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

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