19 days 18 nights

Cairo – Fayoum – Valley of whales – Bahariya oasis – White Desert – Clayton Pass- Great Sand Sea – Silica Glass Area – Exploration Area ( 2 nights ) – Wadi Hamra – Gilf Plateau Top – Central Gilf kebir – Aqaba Pass – Wadi Sura – Uweinat Mountain( 2 nights ) – Abu Simbel .

Expedition objectives:

  • Crossing the great sand sea from east to west.
  • To explore on foot the valley system in northern Gilf kebir north of Wadi Hamra and east of Wadi Abd el Malik searching for prehistory traces especially undiscovered rock art sites.

Route highlights:

This route starting with a visit to the valley of the whales and a challenging crossing for the great sand sea following Clayton route which the Long range desert group used to surprise the Italians in Libya during World War 2 offers the traveller a unique experience through the land of Egypt.

Photographing the uweinat mountain barberry sheep (January 2012 expedition)

Introducing first Arabic documentary movie about Gilf Kebir

Rock Art discovery in Uweinat Mountain (March2007 expedition)

Sunday times article (May 2006 expedition)

UPDATE : February   2013

2012-2013  Planned Expeditions

latest Galleries (Jan 2012 gallery)


Neil Griffiths
Egyptian revolution memorial


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