Modern Desert travel is not demanding any one can travel to the desert and in any age as long as they can adapt to camping life and maintain overall good health. In the deep desert we are totally isolated and should be self contained, every one should be prepared with essential items such as:
  •  Any special / personal medication.
  • sun protection / block.
  • hat / headscarf.
  • torch, a headlamp is more efficient.
  • wet wipes for cleaning as water ration is for drinking only.
  • sunglasses and a spare.
  • necessary films and battery for cameras (car lighters are for Gps, fridge only and not for charging batteries ).
  • personal care items (toiletries, etc…).
  • comfort clothes and worm ones specially in winter.
  • swiss army knife.
  • compass.
  • sleeping bag.
Please do ask any questions about items you think you need to insure comfort in the desert, with previous experience we know this is important.

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