Since the hilux introduction in 1967, more than 18 million units have been sold worldwide with great success in countries like Australia and South Africa. At Tribe Expeditions Toyota hilux is our choice for a 4 doors vehicle which would accommodate 3 persons in comfort.
With our private modified roof rack we have more storing space than any other vehicle and considering its strong chassis the hilux can carry huge loads in the deep desert. Our hiluxes are fitted with:
  • Bridgestone VSJ Jamal tyres
  • Old man emu suspension
  • specially gallivanted 300 litre tank
  • We have one hilux with 2.8 diesel engine which can go any where but always felt there was need for more power, not long and Toyota had introduced the great D4D new 3.0 engine to take another step as making the hilux one of the most powerful deep desert vehicles with the Tribe Expedition’s modification. The 3.0 D-4D direct injection common rail turbo diesel engine delivers 163 bhp & 343 Nm at 1400-3400 rpm. Common rail diesels inject a fine mixture into the engine at very high pressure; the result is the same power and refinement of petrol but with better fuel efficiency and lower emission. Beside the turbo and the intercooler the output power is perfect.

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